In August, Estonian Herman Neff launched a crowdfunding company on the Boomstarter platform, the money from which will be used to find Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. The enthusiast intends to raise $250,000 and use it to hire the best detectives from Japan, the United States, Britain and Russia.

Now Neff has a new lead – according to the Bitmex exchange, Satoshi Nakamoto’s fortune does not exceed 700 thousand bitcoins. That’s 30 percent less than the estimate that analyst Sergio Lerner gave in 2013, writes.

How much money does Satoshi have.
The research unit’s estimate is based on an analysis of the activities of a miner who dominated the Bitcoin network throughout 2009. Analysts believe that with a high probability he could be a person or a group of people hiding under the name of Nakamoto.

Experts counted the number of blocks the largest miner managed to mine during that time. Even taking into account the relative ease of mining at the time, the unknown man’s fortune can’t exceed 700 thousand bitcoins. The statement is true provided that Nakamoto has no coins obtained in any other way.


While there is strong evidence for the existence of a dominant miner on the Bitcoin network in 2009, we believe that the data is much less reliable than previously thought. If the claim is true, Satoshi may have mined significantly less than a million bitcoins. We are most likely talking about 600-700 thousand coins.

Even if Satoshi owns 700 thousand bitcoins, that makes him one of the richest people in the world. What would you do with such a sum? Share your dreams in the cryptochat hodlers.